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Use the SETI Finder API to Enhance Your Applications

The coding strategy employed by SETI™ Finder generates optimized SQL code that will help improve the performance of applications, saving time and resources during the development process.

The SETI™ Finder API is capable of performing string recognition functions. In other words, SETI™ is able to ‘see’ how closely two (or more) strings match. This is important. If two strings differ by a single character, software systems today are generally unable to make the connection.

For the developer, this can mean a lot of work using wildcards, type ahead strategies, or complex interfaces that need to be built that can help the user to navigate around the problem. For the user, this can become a frustrating exercise of trying combination after combination of alternatives in attempting to retrieve a desired record. For the architect, this can complicate efforts to identify enterprise level solutions that can be used in performing data retrieval functions. Giving software the ability to perform this function helps everyone.


The API is easy to add and essentially involves linking the API to the places in the GUI where users will enter search arguments.

Software Search Enterprise Fuzzy Search Fast Accurate Exact Matches API Database Document Search Easy Application Developers

The API can have any of the field operators set at compile time or the developer can choose to allow the user to set field arguments at run time. The implementation of the API for a simple search function is estimated to require .5 to 2 hours. This does not include associated business logic or GUI management functions that may also require coding.

There is no limit to the number of API calls that may be made by an individual control. With that being said, there is no limit to the number of controls in an application that can be so enabled, nor any limit to the number or API calls made in a script associated with a control, nor the number of users that may simultaneously invoke the API (up to the limits of computer memory, of course).

For a more detailed overview, click here.


For developers, SETI™ saves time for software implementation in comparison to writing the code by hand. SETI™ offers a wide range of for data retrieval that are customizable at either time of development or runtime if desired.

For users, SETI™ Finder provides a complete (and more accurate) of the data. It is easy to use, fast, and responsive. Results are sorted in order of relevance to the search criteria, reducing wait times for system response.

For the solutions architect, the SETI™ application increases potential to re-use code. It provides the architect with the ability to dynamically manage application resources. By optimizing the process of how SQL generation is performed, it will reduce overall system IO times. SETI™ extends the set of enterprise level services that can be included in software solutions. It minimizes SDLC implementation and maintenance costs, and reduces implementation times, while increasing software product capability.

By adding the SETI™ API to the software, it will be possible to:

  • Speed up data access times in the application,
  • Reduce application development times,
  • Prevent (near) duplicate record entry,
  • More effectively link datasets together, and (perhaps most importantly)
  • Allow inexact string matching to information in the database

As an ultra-lightweight solution, the SETI™ API does not write to the database or execute commands to the GUI.


Find out how SETI™ Finder can save you valuable time and resources.

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