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Simplify work for your developers. Instead of having your developers tediously write SQL statements that account for every combination of search arguments that can be used to look up a record (or set of records), and tediously working on performance issues, and tediously working on the logic of what is being returned, and tediously testing the software to make sure it’s right, you can use our solution! Instead of having your users laboriously searching through wildcard results to find the record they are looking for, let them look at a result set where the answer is at the top of the list. Let your developers and users get their jobs done faster (and better), so that they can use their time and creativity where it matters!

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Cylab Inc.
8300 Boone Blvd
Suite 500 Vienna, VA  22182
(703) 379-4818

Contract Vehicles

Encore II
GSA Schedule 70
VETS Government Wide Aquisition Contract (GWAC)
Eagle I

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